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How Rail Snobs Miss Out on Their Cities

How can you fully embrace your city if you reject one of the most important means for getting around in it?

The Death and Life of My Planning Career

What do you do when you want to pivot back to what you used to do, that you never thought you’d do again?

E Pluribus Pluribus

When we stop respecting our shared Americanness, we have no respect left for anything else.

Token Branding

The worst thing about inclusion on the left is exclusion on the left. Identity politics doesn’t work when you aim it at each other.

Please Don’t “Shalom” Your Supermarket Jew

I love being stalked by strangers eager to say hi to me in a foreign language because of my religion. Said no one, anywhere, ever.

I’m Not a Mac #17–The Agony and the Agony of My iPad Pro

On why I’m considering breaking up with Apple and becoming an Android and Windows user again.

Just Shoot You

I don’t think Trump was an accident. I think we got exactly what we wanted–and deserved.

Living in Un-Trump Tower

Everybody is different, yet everybody is the same. Is the most politically dangerous statement in the world.

The Great Unsubscribing

There are better ways to #resist and fight the good fight than living from online petition to online petition.

The Tyranny of #MeToo

Anyone who thinks the experience of male victims of sexual predation is invalid because we are male victims is welcome to go back in time and have my experiences for me. Because I would prefer to not to have those memories myself.