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(What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You) Unaffiliated

As Passover approaches we let go of our chametz. For the second time in three years, for us that includes giving up our synagogue affiliation.

Anderson Will Be a Jewish Name, Too

Ryan Anderson is not a Jewish name. But next spring, it will be. My partner has entered the home stretch of his longtime Jewish conversion journey.

Looking Up Again

I never expected to feel whole again standing at Ground Zero. Then this year I looked up.

Jewing It Wrong

Judging the religiosity of fellow Jews by the clothes they wear only works if everyone lives by the same rules. Thank God we don’t.

Out of Apathy

Jewish journeys are not always comfortable. They’re not meant to be. But you can’t reach the promised land unless you pick one. Especially at Passover.

Trope Trainer (Video)

Next week, I chant Torah for the first time. My portion, Tazria, offends modern ears. But it all depends on the telling. Here’s mine.

Things That Suck but the Talmud Says Are Okay

Some ancient Jewish law is toxic. So why do we still put the Talmud above the lives of human beings as God created us?

That’s Gratitude for You: Making Sukkot Relevant Again

Some say Sukkot has become a marginal holiday for Reform Jews because it isn’t rooted in easily understandable rituals. But I can’t imagine a holiday more rooted in the fundamentals of being Jewish…and human.

Why I’m Not Fasting on Yom Kippur

As we Jews approach the commandments, first we do and then we year. But what happens when we *don’t* hear? And when the mitzvah in question is the Yom Kippur fast?

Omer Is My Siddur? (Alone on a Shelf)

Using Judaism’s traditional seven-week period of mourning as inspiration to return to a ‘three-a-day the Jewish way’ prayer practice.