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Off with the Show

I will never understand why Reform synagogues can become so aggressively ambivalent about leading their congregations into Shabbat.

My Rabbi and Katharine Hepburn

A mensch simply being themselves is perhaps the greatest Jewish lesson of all.

Passover from the Archives 2018

A new roundup of my Passover lessons since the beginning of my Jewish journey, from marching myself like a fool straight into Egypt–to finding the courage to finally leave it behind.

Why New Yorkers Don’t Understand Chicago Pizza

New Yorkers always seem to completely misunderstand Chicago pizza. There’s a reason for that.

Seven Years After Converting, How’s It Going?

Recently, I was asked how my Jew-by-choice life was going now seven years since I converted. That’s a great question. Here’s my answer.

The Anger and Emanuel

How do you apologize to an entire synagogue? With love. On Emanuel Congregation and the teshuvah I’ve owed for a long, long time.

Some Like It (Alarmingly) Hot

Does anyone really like obnoxiously hot, humid Central Florida summer weather? Yes. Me.

Point Me in the Direction of Lake Eola

Ryan and I finally chose our “eventually” city. But it’s not L.A. And it’s not New York anymore, either. What if I told you it’s Orlando, Florida?

What Joe Ricketts Really Meant

There’s what Joe Ricketts wrote in his DNAinfo death statement. And then there’s what everyone else actually heard.

Why Is Streetsblog So Bitchy?

You can’t get people on your side when you’re constantly chasing them away. So why does Streetsblog spend so much time telling people they suck?