Marina City Archive

The Good Life in Downtown Chicago

During their windy City visit last week, Seattle’s coolest couple, Kasey and John, waxed giddily about the fun and frolic of my downtown Chicago neighborhood. Their reaction stands in stark contrast to the one I normally get from native Chicagoans when I tell them I live downtown. It’s almost like telling a New Yorker you never ride the subway. The response is always the same: no one's stopping you from doing it, but why would you want the hassle? Read More

Envy Thy Neighbor

Recently finding out a Facebook friend is a neighbor at Marina City, it was only a matter of time before I came over to check out the view. Oh, envy. Oh, West Tower, why must you mock me so? Watch the video and see what I mean. Read More

Marina City Hamstrung

Readers frequently ask me, 'Should I move to Marina City?' Given my experience here, no, in my opinion I really don't think they should. Not unless a.) you think nothing I've ever written about the place is true, or b.) you're a masochist. Read More

Marina City Love You Big Time

I am a glutton for punishment. I have the evidence to prove it: this week I signed my fourth lease for life in my Marina City high-rise home. Unfortunately, a recent flyer slipped under proves the drama in the corncobs continues. And that the condo office staff still hasn't mastered the finer points of spell- and grammar-checking Read More

Lies, Busted Lies, and the Marina City Condo Board

The fun never ends inside Chicago's upended corncobs, especially if you consider bald-faced lies by your condominium association entertaining. Last week, I brought you the tale of bone-headed new rules proposed by Marina City's controversial condo board. This week, the board is trying to squeeze money out of film and TV crews--merely for shooting images of the Chicago skyline. Read More