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I’m Not a Mac #17–The Agony and the Agony of My iPad Pro

On why I’m considering breaking up with Apple and becoming an Android and Windows user again.

I’m Not a Mac #16–The ADHD Magic of Google Reminders

Time-blocking is the Holy Grail of getting things done. Why do Apple’s iOS apps make it hard to do? Especially when Google’s iOS apps make it really easy.

I’m Not a Mac #15–Everything New Is Old Again

A year and a half ago I became an Apple user again. But if I were faced with the choice today, I’m not sure I would make the same decision. Here’s why.

I’m Not a Mac #14–In the End, I’m a Mac After All

It took five years away to learn that Apple and I work really well together. When all is said and done, I really am a Mac after all.

I’m Not a Mac #13–The End in the Google Cloud

Four years ago I left Apple for Windows. Then I left Windows for Linux. Now I’m leaving traditional platform computing completely for life in the Google cloud. It’s about time.

I’m Not a Mac #12–Linux, At Long Last

In my eleven-part ‘I’m Not a Mac’ series begun in 2009, I blogged about my migration from OSX to Windows 7 after 15 years as a confirmed Mac user. Last fall, I said good-bye to the Windows ecosystem, too. Hello, Linux. Here’s why I’m yours now.

I’m Not a Mac #11–Still a PC (and an Android) 15 Months Later

In my ten-part “I’m Not a Mac” series last year, I blogged about my migration out of the Apple ecosystem after 15 years as a confirmed Mac user. Fifteen months have now gone by since I gave up Mac OS X and iPhone for Windows 7 and Android. Here are my follow-up thoughts about living almost Apple-free for more than a year.

I’m Not a Mac #10–How Android Won Me Away from iPhone (Video)

Last week, I replaced my Apple iPhone 3G with a Google Android phone. Here’s why I did it, why I think Android is the better smartphone platform, and a look at what I did with my former 3G. Think: hammer…

I’m Not a Mac #8–Who Really Needs an iPad?

Injudicious product naming aside, who really needs an iPad? Ever since its launch in January, I’ve wracked my brain to figure out the empty niche Apple’s snazzy new tablet is intended to fill. Trouble is, I keep coming up empty.