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I’m Not a Mac #17–The Agony and the Agony of My iPad Pro

On why I’m considering breaking up with Apple and becoming an Android and Windows user again.

I’m Not a Mac #16–The ADHD Magic of Google Reminders

Time-blocking is the Holy Grail of getting things done. Why do Apple’s iOS apps make it hard to do? Especially when Google’s iOS apps make it really easy.

I’m Not a Mac #15–Everything New Is Old Again

A year and a half ago I became an Apple user again. But if I were faced with the choice today, I’m not sure I would make the same decision. Here’s why.

I’m Not a Mac #14–In the End, I’m a Mac After All

It took five years away to learn that Apple and I work really well together. When all is said and done, I really am a Mac after all.

I’m Not a Mac #13–The End in the Google Cloud

Four years ago I left Apple for Windows. Then I left Windows for Linux. Now I’m leaving traditional platform computing completely for life in the Google cloud. It’s about time.

From Wimax Woes–to Wimax Goes–in High-Rise Chicago

After almost four years, this Jewish blogger is saying good riddance to bad wireless Internet. Clear Wimax, I wish you had a momma for me to call and tell how you done me wrong for far too long.

I’m Not a Mac #12–Linux, At Long Last

In my eleven-part ‘I’m Not a Mac’ series begun in 2009, I blogged about my migration from OSX to Windows 7 after 15 years as a confirmed Mac user. Last fall, I said good-bye to the Windows ecosystem, too. Hello, Linux. Here’s why I’m yours now.

I’m Not a Mac #11–Still a PC (and an Android) 15 Months Later

In my ten-part “I’m Not a Mac” series last year, I blogged about my migration out of the Apple ecosystem after 15 years as a confirmed Mac user. Fifteen months have now gone by since I gave up Mac OS X and iPhone for Windows 7 and Android. Here are my follow-up thoughts about living almost Apple-free for more than a year.

Maytag Man

Owning household appliances? Normal. Naming household appliances? Pushing it. Feeling like a bad parent for overfilling the dishwasher or watching the Roomba crash into a wall? Me.

I’m Not a Mac #10–How Android Won Me Away from iPhone (Video)

Last week, I replaced my Apple iPhone 3G with a Google Android phone. Here’s why I did it, why I think Android is the better smartphone platform, and a look at what I did with my former 3G. Think: hammer…