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Milwaukee Tourism Blows It Again in Chicago

Two years ago, I faulted Milwaukee’s tourism office for not understanding their audience: Chicagoans. This summer, Brew Town has once again plastered Chicago’s buses and ‘L’ trains with travel ads. Guess what they still don’t understand?

PR Firms: You’re Never “Anonymous” on the Internet

I’d like to know how an anonymous, scathing comment about my recent criticism of the Visit Milwaukee tourism campaign got on my blog from…the IP address of a PR firm employed by Visit Milwaukee. How about you?

Meet Me in St. Louis, Not Milwaukee: How Not to Oversell Your Urban Tourism Campaign

The urbanist in me loves that St. Louis and Milwaukee are vying for Chicago visitors with cheeky local tourism ads. Here’s why the St. Louis campaign has me yearning to visit, while the Milwaukee campaign has me yawning and staying home.