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Why I’m Here: My 9/11 Story Told for the StoryCorps September 11th Initiative (Audio)

On May 21st, I was blessed with the unexpected opportunity to be interviewed by the nonprofit oral-history project, StoryCorps. I visited their mobile recording studio, temporarily parked in Pilsen…and told my 9/11 story for the national September 11th Initiative. From StoryCorps, here is my recorded remembrance of the day that changed my life and, ultimately, brought me to Chicago.

Introducing My New ChicagoNow Byline: CHICAGOSPHERE!

Two weeks ago, I alluded to a cool, new blogging project I was invited to be a part of. Today, that project is being unveiled as a public beta. As some of you already know, I’m talking about ChicagoNow, a new blogging community in development by the Chicago Tribune as a way to increase the masthead’s relevancy in an increasingly Web 2.0 world.

The Best of Chicago Carless

After three years and more than 300 posts, CHICAGO CARLESS has attracted a faithful audience–and one that I much appreciate. That readership has grown larger since I relaunched the overhauled blog a few weeks ago, so I’d like to welcome you all back to my humble Internet abode by telling you about my new Best Of category where I’ve grouped the posts I think best reflect what I and my blog are all about.