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Should I Move to Marina City?

‘Tell me the truth: should I move to Marina City?’ If there’s one question I hear more than any other, it’s that one. Over the past year, Chicago Carless has become a go-to site for information about life here at the corncobs–in all its sometimes glorious and sometimes gory details. So I’ve put together this look at the pros and cons of living here so you can decide for yourself.

New Kimmel Scandal Indictee: “Some of my best girls were minors…”

A surprise development in the Gary Kimmel hooker scandal, the Marina City story that just keeps on giving. One 35-year-old Jody Spears was indicted in federal court on charges of sex trafficking involving minors as young as 14 years old. According to an FBI affidavit, Spears is quoted as saying, ‘Some of my best girls were minors’–and identifying dentist Gary S. Kimmel as a ‘business partner.’

Marina City Sues…Marina City

You knew it had to happen. After a year of growing discontent with the current notorious state of affairs at Marina City, late last month a group of Marina City resident-owners filed suit against the condominium association for the twin 60-story corncobs, alleging the current voting proxy system in use by the condo board effectively undermines the intent of the Illinois Condominium Property Act.

Gary S. Kimmel’s Next Day in Court: Friday, October 6

At the July 18 status hearing and notice of motion for Marina City’s most famous dentist, Gary S. Kimmel, the good doctor was granted a request to travel, but he and his attorney, Joseph Lopez, were reminded to mind the ‘restrictions.’ These were not specified, but it’s probably safe to assume that they include ‘don’t leave the country.’

Marina City On Fire: Oops! Staff Forgets to Tell Residents

Marina City mismanagement reached a new low Tuesday night after a fire broke out in a unit on the 45th floor of East Tower. Fire fighters were dousing the flames, the smell of smoke was filling the upper floors, and 60 stories of elevators were taken out of service. But the evening’s biggest casualty: our fire-life safety plan. Because no one bothered to tell residents their building was on fire.

Residents Held Out to Dry as Marina City Floods

Many Marina City residents awoke this week to flooded apartments and ruined possessions. The culprit: a mistake made by a condo association-hired plumber that caused flooding in an as-yet unknown number of apartments in both towers. Yet even as damage reports continue to arise, the condo association remains silent–except to deny responsibility.

Kimmelgate Update: No Rudder, Sinking Fast

Resident discontent stemming from last week’s high-rise hooker scandal involving former condo board member Gary Kimmel continues to grow here at Marina City. A ‘Security Meeting’ last night–the first for well over a year–billed in advance as a ‘Q & A Session’ with Marina City’s security contractor allowed for no questions until an hour into the meeting when residents pointed out the oversight. And we wonder how Kimmelgate happened.