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The End of Marina City

In 2005 this blog began with the subtitle, ‘The life and times of a former New Yorker living in downtown Chicago.’ I’ve almost left downtown twice since then. At the end of this month, I finally will. I’m heading to Edgewater–and realizing more than just my address is moving on.

Urban Ingrate

Everyone gets bored sometimes with the place that they live. But, honestly, some days I just need to check myself for sense. In England, they say of their world city, ‘He who is tired of London is tired of life.’ Sometimes, I admit, it does get wearying to live in the heart of the world city of the American midwest. But usually it’s too much of a good thing, and too little reality checking on my part.

Complaint Regarding Chicagoist Editorial Bias

Even though Chicago’s own city council voted to better protect downtown residents from nuisance noise, local blog Chicagoist thinks it’s cool to continue to make fun of long-suffering downtowners. So I wrote to Chicagoist publisher Jake Dobkin to tell him why it isn’t.