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The Lido’s Coffee Klatsch Does Lincoln Park Zoo Lights (Video)

On Friday, my Lido’s Caffé coffee klatsch buddies (and more) went on a holiday foray to see the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights. Every year they say the lights will be better than last year. This December, though, the claim’s finally true–the new zoo lights festival was particularly stunning. This video, however, is less about Christmas lights and more about Christmas hams.

Best Italian Cookies and Gelato in Chicagoland

Lately, my life has been a string of unexpected occurrences that have taken even this life-is-flux loving Buddhist by surprise. Some haven’t been so pleasant (more on those later). Two of the happiest have been my rekindled friendship with pastry-chef Chris, and my discovery, through said fellow foodie, of Lido’s Caffé in Oak Park.