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Big Gay Guest Shot: My Interview on “Feast of Fools”

Today, I’m the featured guest on Chicago’s homegrown Feast of Fools podcast, the most popular LGBT-themed daily talk show on the planet. Wonder twin powers, activate! Form of: a giddy gay blogger!

“We’ve replaced the fine Doug Zell Intelligentsia normally serves with James Liu, let’s watch…”

Ten days ago, when I lamented the over-the-top response of Chicagoist and some of their readers to my Gapers Block piece on how Intelligentsia Coffee alienated me as a customer, I never thought Intelligentsia’s own staff would jump on the bandwagon.

“The job of the haters is to hate.”

Imagine my surprise when two days after posting a shout out to Chicagoist for what had become a positive relationship again, on Monday Chicagoist scribe Chuck Sudo penned a personal attack on me and my blog over the Intelligentsia post I wrote for Gapers Block.

Food Beat: Unaffordable Intelligentsia; Sugar Bliss Misery

Good lord, sometimes I should just eat in. The latest from my Gapers Block: Drive-Thru foodie byline? Two downtown establishments: one I used to love, one I doubt I ever will, but both giving me agida in the same week.

Hot Wings of Doom Return to Pilsen

Last week, Take Me Out co-owner Karen Lim emailed to to report the eatery will be back in business starting Saturday, October 18th. She’ll be celebrating by giving out free Little Hotties, and that’s reason enough to show up in my book.