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Analyzing Helen Shiller’s Response to the Uptown Riot Controversy

Yesterday afternoon, Alderman Helen Shiller posted a lengthy response on the 46th Ward website regarding the widely viewed August 13th Uptown riot video and the firestorm of controversy surrounding it. Given the gravity of the situation for Uptown residents, it’s a response worthy of a line-by-line analysis by a communications strategist. Being one, myself (how useful is that?), that’s exactly what I’ve done. Read on to learn why I think Shiller’s response doesn’t fit the crime.

Bloggers Respond to Chicago Media Future Conference

On Saturday, the Windy City’s media community convened for the second time in less than a week to discuss its collective chance for survival, this time at the Chicago Media Future Conference. Whether the effort achieved its aim has been the subject of much blogosphere debate since the last attendee staggered away from the post-conference happy hour at Wabash Tap.

Local Blogs Among Chicago’s Top Niche News Sites According to New Report

Congratulations to local blogs Gapers Block, Chicagoist, CTA Tattler, District 299, Urbanophile, Chicago Carless, 600 Words, and Marathon Pundit, who feature among Chicago’s top-20 community-based news sites according to a report released today by grassroots media-relations training organization Community Media Workshop and commissioned by the Chicago Community Trust.

Community Beat: A New Model for Neighborhood News?

Since 1998, the LISC New Communties Program has rolled out resident-centric planning initiatives in 16 challenged neighborhoods on the Northwest, West, and South Sides of Chicago. Community Beat is a forum for LISC staffers to share news and updates about those NCP neighborhoods, and it works wonderfully in that regard. But, as its organizers claim, is it really a better model than plain old ‘citizen journalism’?