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Chicago Blogosphere, Heal Thyself…Not

Chicago bloggers frequently express interest in creating a local ad network. But until we all get over the rampant tendency to consider each other mortal enemies in the futile quest for the next-big-multimillion-dollar online idea, none of us is getting off the blogger bread line anytime soon.

Blogging Beyond the Bread Line

Another year, another potentially generic Chicago community news conference. But at this year’s convening, Community Media Workshop and Growth Spur CEO Mark Potts put forward a couple of cogent calls to action for Windy City funders and bloggers alike, to stop talking and start getting things done. Let’s do.

My Video Interview from CMW’s Making Media Connections 2009

Chicago’s grassroots media training shop, Community Media Workshop, has posted online a multimedia roundup of last month’s Making Media Connections conference. I was among those interviewed regarding the future of columneering and journalism in Chicago.

New Media Study Ranks CHICAGO CARLESS Top-20 Community Website

A new report on the state of local news released today named Chicago Carless among the top-20 community-centric websites in Chicago. Oh. My.

Print Media’s Five Suicidal Assumptions

Too often these days, in an effort to cling to anything familiar, some journalists believe beyond reason that by hiding atop an appropriately lofty tower or inside an appropriately narrow niche, they can still manage to monetize the old, ink-and-paper industry. And that’s how they’re killing their own industry.

RIP Studs Terkel

Rest in peace, acclaimed Windy City author-activist-broadcast personality and media luminary Studs Terkel, who died today in his North Side home at the age of 96. A fellow former New Yorker, like me Studs never drove a car and once he got to Chicago never left, by dint of simple, deep love of this place and the people in it.

Guidebook for a Media Meltdown

This month, Community Media Workshop releases the 18th edition of its annual media guide, ‘Getting On the Air, Online & into Print’. Long the undisputed bible of Chicagoland news media contacts, if you’re a nonprofit communications manager or public-relations specialist working anywhere near the southwest shore of Lake Michigan, chances are you’ve got one of these spiral-bound tomes on a nearby shelf.

Gordon & Max Bike the Drive

Here’s a guest post from Gordon Mayer, vice-president of Chicago’s Community Media Workshop. Gordon and his son Max participated in the early morning Bike the Drive cycling event on Lake Shore Drive. Here’s their story.

Story and Legend

Last night during the 2008 Studs Terkel Awards at the Chicago Cultural Center, one of the winners, Sylvia Rivera, the general manager of bilingual public radio station Radio Arte, shared this comment from the stage: ‘You write the story of your life. You create your own legend.’ In two sentences, Rivera described my dilemma.

COMMUNITY MEDIA WORKSHOP Publishes My Blogger Outreach Tips!

Once again, this month find my words in Community Media Workshop’s annual media guide, the 2008 ‘Getting on the Air, Online & into Print.’ Here’s how that wonderful opportunity came about.