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The Status Quo Vs. The Local Blogger

In Chicago, how people feel privately about the status quo and what they say about it in public are rarely the same. That applies to Chicago’s blogosphere, too. In a new-media space where dissent makes people run for cover, how can local bloggers hope to make change happen?

Chicagosphere Has Moved to Chicago Carless

My Chicagosphere online-media blog has ended production–but as of today, you can find all my former Chicagosphere entries migrated right here to Chicago Carless.

On Chicagosphere: Social-Justice Success & Christmas Cheer

My ChicagoNow online-media byline, Chicagosphere, has been all good cheer this month. From the unexpected saving graces of a social-justice shoutout to a few local blogs and bloggers perfect for holiday browsing, there’s been a lot of festivity over on my Chicago Tribune-funded blog.

“Here’s a lesson from the media…” –Bill Leff, WGN Radio (Update)

(Update 2/23/10) Today, Bill Leff relinquished his weekend gig as host of WGN’s ChicagoNow Radio. Here’s a look back at my experience with Leff and his former radio show from last November. Back then, an angry Leff told me I was ‘replaceable’ a minute before air time. Ah, karma.

On Chicagosphere: OS Wars, Nonprofit Hijinks, Meatball Sundaes, Trailblazing Bloggers

While I settle down from the throttling I got from my fellow Mac users over my recently announced decision to migrate to Windows 7, here’s a look at the no-less debate-worthy topics I’ve covered lately on Chicagosphere, my byline about the local blogosphere on the Chicago Tribune’s ChicagoNow network.

On Chicagosphere: Why the Sun-Times Deserves to Die

On Chicagosphere I asked whether the Chicago Sun-Times union truly understands the endgame faced by their paper and journalism in general, calling out the Chicago Reader’s Michael Miner along the way for suggesting that columnists be forced to ditch commentary in favor of strict news analysis. There’s nothing I find more tiresome than yet another reporter throwing the rest of the world under the bus for the failings of their own field.

Lately on My Chicagosphere Byline: Horizon Realty, Chicago Cops & the CTA

t’s been a controversial few weeks over at my Chicagosphere online-media byline, brought to you by the soon-out-of-beta wags at the Trib’s cool and growing ChicagoNow. From CTA shenanigans to Twitter lawsuits to an alleged new name for the once and forever Sears Tower, we’ve covered a lot of ground.

Independence Eve Violence Update

Today, as I continue to ask my readers and social-media friends to keep the eyewitness accounts coming, I did what any self-respecting traditional news-gatherer would do. I filed FOIAs regarding the alleged Independenc Eve fireworks violence.

Lately on Chicagosphere: Conquering the World, Gay Pride, & Healthy Hotties

I’ve covered some interesting items in the past few weeks on Chicagosphere, my blog about Windy City blogs on the Tribune’s ChicagoNow online network. The network is still in beta, but the community is thriving and I’d love you to come be a part of it.

Lately on Chicagosphere: Media Skills, Mayoral Thrills, Urban Ills

We’re having some fun now over on Chicagosphere, the blog about Windy City blogs I launched on the Tribune’s ChicagoNow blog network last month. If you haven’t yet, come on over and check out what I and my fellow CN scribes have been getting up to. Here’s a sampling of what I’ve covered most recently on Chicagosphere.