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A Gang in Every Alley

Every day for years living in downtown Chicago, I knew I was missing out on locally engaging with my city and fellow inhabitants therein. But I didn’t know just how much I missed that kind of ordinary engagement until I moved to Edgewater.

The Good Life in Downtown Chicago

During their windy City visit last week, Seattle’s coolest couple, Kasey and John, waxed giddily about the fun and frolic of my downtown Chicago neighborhood. Their reaction stands in stark contrast to the one I normally get from native Chicagoans when I tell them I live downtown. It’s almost like telling a New Yorker you never ride the subway. The response is always the same: no one’s stopping you from doing it, but why would you want the hassle?

Urban Hiking Clear My Mind

Some people get in their cars and drive to clear their minds and think. Me, I put on my shoes, pick a direction, and start walking through my wondrous downtown Chicago urban neighborhood. Here’s a look at my favorite Windy City urban hikes and why I find them so special.