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On Target

Perhaps only with the opening of new big-box stores in Chicago’s most challenged neighborhoods will suporters of the defunct living-wage law finally be able to see the stores as a uniquely good thing. Not appropriate for every city or even every Chicago neighborhood. But the best–and only–game in town for Chicago ‘hoods in greatest need of a commercial revival. And then maybe Joe Moore will finally get his nose out of the south side and attend to the needs of his own constituents.

Chicago Big-Box Wage Debate: Follow-up

Several good points were made in the comments thread of Thursday’s post regarding Chicago’s proposed $10 big-box living-wage ordinance that deserve a fuller airing. Voices have been passionate on both sides of this issue, with the Chicago controversy being but a part of a truly national debate. However, the main opposing points are singular enough to summarize: Wal-Mart would bring jobs; but Wal-Mart could also kill local businesses–and so could the proposed ordinance.

Off Target

Everyone has a right to a living wage. But just what that wage should be–or who should have to pay it–is a debate that has been raging through Chicago’s city council this summer, possibly with disastrous consequences. On July 26, the council will vote on a bill to require big-box retailers doing business within the City of Chicago to pay their employees $10 an hour. Can a law like that be put into practice without workers losing their jobs?