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How Long Have Riders Been in Danger on the CTA Orange Line?

Last week, the entire CTA Orange Line was placed under a slow zone to prevent trains from crashing into each other–thanks to a newfound fault in the signaling system that may have put ‘L’ riders in danger for 17 years. Sounds like news, right? So why haven’t you read about it in the Tribune or Sun-Times?

Sanctuary at the Bottom of a Deep Dish

Pizzeria Due saved my sanity when I first decamped Atlantic shores for Lake Michigan ones in the early 2000s. That’s why my recent trips to the less-touristed, cheaper Lou Malnati’s have left me riddled with guilt.

Who Stole the ‘L’ Stop at Washington/State?

It may be the biggest heist in Chicago history, folks, and it’s right under our noses. Or our feet, anyway. One look at this year’s new Chicago Transit Authority map uncovers the dastardly deed: someone has stolen the Washington/State Red Line station.

A Miniature Chicago for a Tabloid Tribune

I find the Chicago Tribune’s new, smaller size inspiring. I can think of any number of things that would benefit from a likewise miniaturization…

R.I.P. State-Dearborn Pedway

Today was the groundbreaking ceremony for the long-awaited Block 37 development. So at least until 2007, farewell to a great poor-weather friend: the portion of Chicago’s sizeable underground pedestrian walkway between State and Dearborn Streets.

Stuck Truck

I just get finished giggling about the LaSalle Bank float that got stuck under the Lake Street ‘L’ during the White Sox parade when, lo, what do I encounter on my walk to work this a.m. at Lake and Wabash? Another stuck truck.