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Pulling a “Lundgren”

Who says you can’t teach an old Macy’s, Inc. CEO new tricks? Last week, Crain’s Chicago Business and the Chicago Tribune both announced the rollout of a new Macy’s marketing campaign entitled, ‘Take Me to State Street.’ According to the papers, the campaign will be full-court media push highlighting the flagship State Street store as a premiere retail destination. It’s about time.

10 Ways to Be a Chicagoan (and 10 Ways Not to)

Much as I love being a carpetbagging Chicagoan, even after almost five years I confess I still don’t fully understand the mercurial nature of Windy Citizens. Yet, after spending a month back in my native New York over the summer, I’m very aware that floating around in the core of me now is definitely a lot more Midwestern mellowness than Gotham swagger. Um, hurray.