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On Chicagosphere: OS Wars, Nonprofit Hijinks, Meatball Sundaes, Trailblazing Bloggers

While I settle down from the throttling I got from my fellow Mac users over my recently announced decision to migrate to Windows 7, here’s a look at the no-less debate-worthy topics I’ve covered lately on Chicagosphere, my byline about the local blogosphere on the Chicago Tribune’s ChicagoNow network.

News from the Flip Front: The World According to Jasmine Davila

Jasmine Davila is a frank blogger. Occasionally a frankfurter, depending on her mood. For the past nine years (you read that right), she’s been scribing News from the Flip Front, her ‘multi-blogular’ tale of life as a writer, tech geek, TV-obsessed, non-driving, all-around awesome Asian diva living on the North Side of Chicago. She’d like the fries to go, with a little aioli.