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Wimax Woes in High-Rise Chicago

Since launching in Chicago last November, CLEAR Wimax has touted its 4G wireless broadband service as a reliable replacement for DSL and cable. So why is service above the ground floor so spotty in the city that invented the skyscraper?

I’m Not a Mac #3–Jailbreak on the Journey from Apple: My Continuing Migration from Mac

While I continue on my way out the OS X door, I’d like to respond to the commenters who let me know in no uncertain terms that they don’t agree with my opinions about the Mac platform. Tough.

I’m Not a Mac #2–I Am a Future PC: Why I’m Dumping Apple after 15 Years

I am a future Windows PC user and that is that. After a 15-year relationship with all things Apple, I’ve finally had it with the Steve Jobs ‘you’ll use your computer they way we tell you to use your computer’ method of customer relations.