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The Ebb and Flow of Our Unaffiliated Judaism

I’ve never questioned my conversion to Judaism over the past year. But I have enjoyed being far less militant about my Judaism than during the first six years of my membership in the Tribe.

(What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You) Unaffiliated

As Passover approaches we let go of our chametz. For the second time in three years, for us that includes giving up our synagogue affiliation.

Eight Lights in the Desert

On Maccabean inspiration and deciding to remain in Egypt after all.

(Not) Welcoming the Stranger

First impressions, lasting impressions–and adage that rings especially true when you’re synagogue shopping.

No Shul Like No Shul for Yom Kippur

Sometimes home is the holiest place you can be.

Tashlich at Disneyland

Jewishly unaffiliated, tomorrow we’ll greet the new year at Disneyland. May you enter 5775 from your own happiest place on earth as well.

Next Time Synagogue

The next synagogue that gets our money, time, friendship, love, and loyalty will give back to us these things. Because every Jew deserves them.

The Benefits of Membership

After four years, our membership at the synagogue down the block is expiring for the final time. Here’s why we’re not renewing it.

Out of Apathy

Jewish journeys are not always comfortable. They’re not meant to be. But you can’t reach the promised land unless you pick one. Especially at Passover.


The Friday before last, my experience chanting Torah for the first time on Shabbat was amazing. The next morning, I walked out of my synagogue.