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Trope Trainer (Video)

Next week, I chant Torah for the first time. My portion, Tazria, offends modern ears. But it all depends on the telling. Here’s mine.

That’s Gratitude for You: Making Sukkot Relevant Again

Some say Sukkot has become a marginal holiday for Reform Jews because it isn’t rooted in easily understandable rituals. But I can’t imagine a holiday more rooted in the fundamentals of being Jewish…and human.

To Be Sure

Another Father’s Day come and gone. I guess after forty, I feel the regrets I thought I could live with for the rest of my life with greater intensity as the rest of my life starts to arrive.

Long As God Can Grow It

Is that a mop on your head or are you just counting the Omer? Or how I ended up observing the Omer in spite of myself.

Omer Is My Siddur? (Alone on a Shelf)

Using Judaism’s traditional seven-week period of mourning as inspiration to return to a ‘three-a-day the Jewish way’ prayer practice.

The Tallit of Phillip Shenkler–UPDATE

I’m happy to report the tallit of Phillip Shenkler got a hero’s welcome this morning–its first Shabbat morning in use in a congregational setting in at least 26 years.

The Tallit of Phillip Shenkler

Phillip kept the the memorial booklet from Sara’s funeral in his tallit bag for 32 years until the day he died…and no one knew it until I opened the bag another 26 years later.

The Amidah Project: Kol Nidre

To experience the t’shuvah of Kol Nidre, who really cares about the legal basis for Judaism’s most famous High Holy Day chant?

Once Around the Sanctuary, Not So Fast

People often remark that converts tend to have a deeper knowledge of Judaism than do Jews by birth. But as with all things, practice makes perfect.

Are You Religious?

Faithful or agnostic. Zealot or atheist. How religious are you? Are you sure about your answer?. Sometimes we’re not as religious as we think. And sometimes we’re closer to God than we ever realized.