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If Not Now, Later Is Okay Too

Walter, an orange tabby cat, lies on his side on a towel on futon sofa, in front of throw pillows.

Two months since the October 7th massacre, many Jews feel torn between a need for self-care and urgings by some to continue the work of social justice.

Things That Suck but the Talmud Says Are Okay

Some ancient Jewish law is toxic. So why do we still put the Talmud above the lives of human beings as God created us?

Time to Change

Rabbinical school. Public transit. Jewish legitimacy. And something you’re not expecting. There’s been a lot of rearranging this month. Let’s talk about who I am–and what I’m gonna be.

The Best Laid (Rabbinical) Plans

Isn’t it funny how the fear of falling so often shows up only after we’ve proven to ourselves our ability to take flight?

Michael of Babble

The part I’ve feared would never happen about a.) becoming Jewish, and b.) going to rabbinic school is coming to pass. I’m starting to understand spoken Hebrew.


Maybe I haven’t figured out why I want to be a rabbi, and maybe I never will. But I think I’ve at least figured out why I want to be a rabbi. So here’s how that makes sense.

My Rabbinic School Personal Statement

A wise woman once said to me, ‘The inherent nature of Jewish tradition is to wrestle with the status quo, not to be the status quo.’ I have her to thank for inspiring the personal statement that I submitted with my successful rabbinic school application. Here is that statement.

How Does Rabbinic School Change You?

How much of a rabbi is the person she or he was before beginning rabbinic school? How much of a rabbi fundamentally changes along the way? And maybe more importantly, stays the same?

And Here’s What Happened Next

So a week ago I applied to rabbinic school. Here’s what I learned today.