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Rethinking Rabbi Schaalman’s Yom Kippur

On Yom Kippur 2012, Rabbi Herman Schaalman, Z”l, suggested it was time for Jews to walk away from the Day of Atonement. Five years later, I agree with him.

The Ebb and Flow of Our Unaffiliated Judaism

I’ve never questioned my conversion to Judaism over the past year. But I have enjoyed being far less militant about my Judaism than during the first six years of my membership in the Tribe.

The Casual Bigotry of Facebook Messenger

Or, why is there a Christian Easter egg in the user interface of this Jew’s Facebook Messenger app this weekend?

Passover From the Archives

Irreverence has its place–even on the holidays. Here’s a roundup of my Passover lessons since the beginning of my Jewish journey.

(What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You) Unaffiliated

As Passover approaches we let go of our chametz. For the second time in three years, for us that includes giving up our synagogue affiliation.

No Such Thing as an Accidental Convert

Becoming a Jew demands a lot of time, study, and soul-searching. So what can you think when a fellow convert suddenly says they’re not Jewish anymore?

Why I Don’t Seek Forgiveness on Yom Kippur

Why don’t Reform Jews observe Yom Kippur from a Reform Jewish perspective? And why we should.

How Religious Is Religious Enough?

When you realize you’re in charge of your own religious journey, how do you know if you’re doing it right?

Ryan, In These Last Few Hours Before You Are Jewish

These last few hours before you are Jewish are holy. A world ends and a world awaits to begin.

A Mohel Among Friends

There are many definitions of togetherness. But sharing the same mohel has to be at the tip of the list.