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Personal Pesach Posek

How the Sadducees, the Sanhedrin, and Sweet Brown led Ryan and me to a observe a seven-day Passover holiday.

Shabbos Mice: Ryan’s 40th Birthday Disneyland Trip Report

An epic post about dragging my partner to Disneyland for his 40th birthday–and watching him fall in love with the place in spite of himself.

Are You Religious?

Faithful or agnostic. Zealot or atheist. How religious are you? Are you sure about your answer?. Sometimes we’re not as religious as we think. And sometimes we’re closer to God than we ever realized.

Plugging in Differently on Shabbat

It can take a lot of bravery to turn off the world and tune into Shabbat. But that still, small voice can be pretty hard to hear when your social schedule is drowning it out.

Kippah Grip Redux

Not even trying to hide it, they both gaped in our direction with an enormously puzzled look on their faces. I saw the rest of this blog post coming: ‘Can I ask you a question? Do you know what you’re wearing on your head?’

In Which I Discover My Fences

Jews-by-Birth often inspire Jews-by-Choice to think in wider, more universal terms about our Judaism. In return, we hope to inspire Jews-by-Birth not to forget the particularities that make us–and keep us–Jewish.

Oh Where, Omer, Has My Shaven Face Gone?

The Omer countdown from Pesach to Shavuot anticipates the celebration of receiving the Torah at Sinai and honors unhappier moments in Jewish history. Last year I ignored it. This year, I threw out my razor.

Passover and Stay Awhile

What a difference a year makes. Last year I was Passoverwrought. This year, I saw Pesach coming–and happily counted the days.

Right to Be Jewish on Your Own Terms

Some liberal Jews fear leading traditional Jews ‘astray’ by wearing a kippah during traditionally non-permitted activities. I have one question. Why should liberal Jews limit themselves to fit the comfort zone of someone else’s Jewish movement?

Back on the Pig

For thousands of years, Judaism’s dietary laws kept us from sharing meals with hostile parties who wanted us to assimilate. But what’s the point of avoiding bacon cheeseburgers in 2012?