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Hebreo Rizado

Sometimes when you’re ‘Jewish and’ you just have to lead with the ‘and.’ I’m a Hispanic Jew who’s taking off his kippah.

Off with the Show

I will never understand why Reform synagogues can become so aggressively ambivalent about leading their congregations into Shabbat.

How Religious Is Religious Enough?

When you realize you’re in charge of your own religious journey, how do you know if you’re doing it right?

Jewing It Wrong

Judging the religiosity of fellow Jews by the clothes they wear only works if everyone lives by the same rules. Thank God we don’t.


The Friday before last, my experience chanting Torah for the first time on Shabbat was amazing. The next morning, I walked out of my synagogue.

Shul Shopping or Stopping

Some Jews-by-choice spend years shul shopping. Others never leave their first synagogue. But what about when you just want to stay home with your chicken?

Time to Change

Rabbinical school. Public transit. Jewish legitimacy. And something you’re not expecting. There’s been a lot of rearranging this month. Let’s talk about who I am–and what I’m gonna be.

Why the Mourner’s Kaddish Isn’t Broken in Reform Judaism

Is Kaddish broken in Reform Judaism? Or do our diverse Kaddish practices indicate a movement willing to embrace all who are in need?

Why I’m Not Fasting on Yom Kippur

As we Jews approach the commandments, first we do and then we year. But what happens when we *don’t* hear? And when the mitzvah in question is the Yom Kippur fast?

Crashing the Jewish Survival Idol

Jews of all ages together, doing Jewish together, for the sake of Jews of all ages. Could that be the real remedy for the ongoing crash of Jewish affiliation?