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S’lichot ‘Round Midnight

What is the appropriate way to conceive of midnight for Reform Jewish religious purposes? Halachic? Secular? Or a little bit of both?

That’s Gratitude for You: Making Sukkot Relevant Again

Some say Sukkot has become a marginal holiday for Reform Jews because it isn’t rooted in easily understandable rituals. But I can’t imagine a holiday more rooted in the fundamentals of being Jewish…and human.

Why I’m Not Fasting on Yom Kippur

As we Jews approach the commandments, first we do and then we year. But what happens when we *don’t* hear? And when the mitzvah in question is the Yom Kippur fast?

Crashing the Jewish Survival Idol

Jews of all ages together, doing Jewish together, for the sake of Jews of all ages. Could that be the real remedy for the ongoing crash of Jewish affiliation?

Omer Is My Siddur? (Alone on a Shelf)

Using Judaism’s traditional seven-week period of mourning as inspiration to return to a ‘three-a-day the Jewish way’ prayer practice.

Personal Pesach Posek

How the Sadducees, the Sanhedrin, and Sweet Brown led Ryan and me to a observe a seven-day Passover holiday.

What Would Jesus Not Do?

It’s amazing how much we’re willing as a human race to insult and hurt each other–and ultimately, ourselves–often mortally so, just to prove that the things we believe are right.

Sixteen Christmases and a Chanukah Bush

Last year, I rejected the Jewish ‘December dilemma’ by forging a new December holiday tradition. This year, the Eitz Moed rose once again–with much joy and no angst required.

Break Fast and Barry

There is no Judaism, much less humanity, without community. Words and deeds that set us apart from each other are, perhaps, the greatest sins of all.

L’Shanah Tova on the Journey

To all of you, anyone I’ve missed, everyone I love, and those with whom I continue to share this planet, may you be inscribed in the Book of Life for a happy and sweet new year. L’Shana Tova.