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Passing on Passover: The Pandemic Edition

On why we’re choosing not to observe Pesach during the COVID-19 crisis.

Passover from the Archives 2018

A new roundup of my Passover lessons since the beginning of my Jewish journey, from marching myself like a fool straight into Egypt–to finding the courage to finally leave it behind.

Fear No (One Else’s) Holiday

If Halloween makes you fear for your Judaism, your problem isn’t Halloween.

Rethinking Rabbi Schaalman’s Yom Kippur

On Yom Kippur 2012, Rabbi Herman Schaalman, Z”l, suggested it was time for Jews to walk away from the Day of Atonement. Five years later, I agree with him.

Passover From the Archives

Irreverence has its place–even on the holidays. Here’s a roundup of my Passover lessons since the beginning of my Jewish journey.

Why I Don’t Seek Forgiveness on Yom Kippur

Why don’t Reform Jews observe Yom Kippur from a Reform Jewish perspective? And why we should.

Twenty Christmases and an Eitz Hamoedim

The meaning in our holidays, our journeys, and our lives is our own to forge. The point isn’t satisfying someone else’s ideas about who we should be. The point is wholeness, understanding, and love.

Tashlich at Disneyland

Jewishly unaffiliated, tomorrow we’ll greet the new year at Disneyland. May you enter 5775 from your own happiest place on earth as well.

Out of Apathy

Jewish journeys are not always comfortable. They’re not meant to be. But you can’t reach the promised land unless you pick one. Especially at Passover.

Turkey Under the Wrong Tent, Part One

This year, Jews across America enjoyed the once-in-a-lifetime mashup of ‘Thanksgivukkah.’ Here’s why I wasn’t one of them.