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On How I Doctor My Shakshuka

What’s shakshuka? What’s shakshuka?! Poached eggs in spicy tomato sauce and the best middle-eastern breakfast ever. Here’s mine. Full of photos and, as with all shakshuka recipes, controversy. B’tei avon!

Back on the Pig

For thousands of years, Judaism’s dietary laws kept us from sharing meals with hostile parties who wanted us to assimilate. But what’s the point of avoiding bacon cheeseburgers in 2012?

Eight Nights to Renew Your Inner Jewish Child

Happy Chanukah to all my readers! The festival of lights is a good time to remember our Jewish holidays are for everyone. So even if you’re over 12, light that chanukiyah with pride. All eight nights.

The Deviled Ham’s in the Details

I’ve been studying kashrut, the Jewish dietary laws, but in Reform Judaism keeping kosher would be up to my conscience. I never expected my conscience to care. Yet as I begin my conversion journey, I can’t seem to make it past the supermarket checker anymore without taking several of my favorite food items out of my basket and leaving them behind.