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If Not Now, Later Is Okay Too

Walter, an orange tabby cat, lies on his side on a towel on futon sofa, in front of throw pillows.

Two months since the October 7th massacre, many Jews feel torn between a need for self-care and urgings by some to continue the work of social justice.

Why the Mourner’s Kaddish Isn’t Broken in Reform Judaism

Is Kaddish broken in Reform Judaism? Or do our diverse Kaddish practices indicate a movement willing to embrace all who are in need?

S’lichot ‘Round Midnight

What is the appropriate way to conceive of midnight for Reform Jewish religious purposes? Halachic? Secular? Or a little bit of both?

That’s Gratitude for You: Making Sukkot Relevant Again

Some say Sukkot has become a marginal holiday for Reform Jews because it isn’t rooted in easily understandable rituals. But I can’t imagine a holiday more rooted in the fundamentals of being Jewish…and human.

Why I’m Not Fasting on Yom Kippur

As we Jews approach the commandments, first we do and then we year. But what happens when we *don’t* hear? And when the mitzvah in question is the Yom Kippur fast?

Ice Cream Won’t Raise Youth Engagement

Our children aren’t poorly versed in organized synagogue life. They just aren’t interested. And given how religiously checked out their adult role models can be, why would we expect things to be any different?

Crashing the Jewish Survival Idol

Jews of all ages together, doing Jewish together, for the sake of Jews of all ages. Could that be the real remedy for the ongoing crash of Jewish affiliation?

‘Twas the Night Before Mailing My Rabbinic School Application

No one has the right to tell you who you can and cannot love. So why do denominational rabbinic programs attempt to make that decision for their students?

Break Fast and Barry

There is no Judaism, much less humanity, without community. Words and deeds that set us apart from each other are, perhaps, the greatest sins of all.