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How Not to Be a Holiday Chauvinist

During the end-of-year holidays, many respect their fellow humans with open minds and open hearts. Don’t let that respect end when you open your mouth.

No Longer a Pass for Popes on Bible Bigotry in America

When even the Pope has to hide his Bible bigotry behind closed doors, you know we’ve come a long way.

Home for the (High) Holidays

When we resigned from our longtime synagogue last year, we never expected to want to join another congregation in Chicago. Happily, God had other plans.

Don’t Blame the Bible for Being a Marriage Equality Bigot

On marriage equality, the problem isn’t God or religion, it’s bigots. And on Friday, the definition of bigotry widened in America.

Some Jews Don’t

Some Jews don’t support Israeli policy regarding Palestinians, the West Bank, and Gaza. Other Jews don’t want you to know that.

Next Time Synagogue

The next synagogue that gets our money, time, friendship, love, and loyalty will give back to us these things. Because every Jew deserves them.

If You Knew Emanuel Congregation

In almost a decade and a half, I have never taken down a post on my blog and I won’t start now. But I did rewrite one. This one. Read on to learn why…

The Benefits of Membership

After four years, our membership at the synagogue down the block is expiring for the final time. Here’s why we’re not renewing it.


The hardest thing for some Jews to accept is not having a right to define the identity of other Jews.


The Friday before last, my experience chanting Torah for the first time on Shabbat was amazing. The next morning, I walked out of my synagogue.