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S’lichot ‘Round Midnight

What is the appropriate way to conceive of midnight for Reform Jewish religious purposes? Halachic? Secular? Or a little bit of both?

Is It Idolatrous to Claim Certainty about Religious “Facts”?

The more we try to lessen the struggle and claim certainty as Jews, the more we needlessly cut ourselves off from each other.

Are You Religious?

Faithful or agnostic. Zealot or atheist. How religious are you? Are you sure about your answer?. Sometimes we’re not as religious as we think. And sometimes we’re closer to God than we ever realized.

Lessons to Be Learned from All Streams of Judaism

I do not believe our tradition teaches us to delegitimize other Jews. If you refuse to peer beyond the edge of a denominational box, how can you build a bridge?

Orthodox Blogger Bullies

Last week, small-minded blogger bullies used their Orthodoxy as an excuse to silence a well-known, inter-denominational blogging voice for refusing to believe that fear and loathing are at the center of Judaism.

“They think they’re the only ones up here.”

Which of these commonly held assumptions about Orthodox Judaism in America is true? A.) Orthodoxy is an unchanged, ancient tradition. B.) Orthodoxy has always been stringently observant. C.) Conservative and Reform Judaism emerged out of Orthodoxy as increasingly less “authentic” versions of Judaism. Actually, none of the above.