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The Anger and Emanuel

How do you apologize to an entire synagogue? With love. On Emanuel Congregation and the teshuvah I’ve owed for a long, long time.

If You Knew Emanuel Congregation

In almost a decade and a half, I have never taken down a post on my blog and I won’t start now. But I did rewrite one. This one. Read on to learn why…

The Benefits of Membership

After four years, our membership at the synagogue down the block is expiring for the final time. Here’s why we’re not renewing it.


The Friday before last, my experience chanting Torah for the first time on Shabbat was amazing. The next morning, I walked out of my synagogue.

This People

This people is a diverse people. As Reform Jews, we especially celebrate that diversity. What do you do when your synagogue just doesn’t get it?

Shul Shopping or Stopping

Some Jews-by-choice spend years shul shopping. Others never leave their first synagogue. But what about when you just want to stay home with your chicken?

Why the Mourner’s Kaddish Isn’t Broken in Reform Judaism

Is Kaddish broken in Reform Judaism? Or do our diverse Kaddish practices indicate a movement willing to embrace all who are in need?

I, Ruth: On Converts, Community, and Continuation

We are a wide, diverse, and ever-changing people of this covenant. We have a duty to respect each other’s privacy. We have an equal duty to hear each other’s stories. Most of all, we have a right to tell them.

Crashing the Jewish Survival Idol

Jews of all ages together, doing Jewish together, for the sake of Jews of all ages. Could that be the real remedy for the ongoing crash of Jewish affiliation?