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When the Rabbi Shows You Their Backside, Show Yourself Out

When the synagogue Membership Director asked why we were leaving, I felt bad giving an honest response. But I should have.

A Republican Jew on Passover

A friend used to say neither party was truly on the side of actual Americans. But after 10/7, Republicans didn’t come for the Jews. Democrats did.

If Not Now, Later Is Okay Too

Walter, an orange tabby cat, lies on his side on a towel on futon sofa, in front of throw pillows.

Two months since the October 7th massacre, many Jews feel torn between a need for self-care and urgings by some to continue the work of social justice.

A Jew with Corrective Lenses

I’m a Jew who never expected my identity, worldview, and politics to suddenly shift in the course of a single, awful day. And I know I’m not alone.

Hebreo Rizado

Sometimes when you’re ‘Jewish and’ you just have to lead with the ‘and.’ I’m a Hispanic Jew who’s taking off his kippah.

Off with the Show

I will never understand why Reform synagogues can become so aggressively ambivalent about leading their congregations into Shabbat.

Passover from the Archives 2018

A new roundup of my Passover lessons since the beginning of my Jewish journey, from marching myself like a fool straight into Egypt–to finding the courage to finally leave it behind.

Seven Years After Converting, How’s It Going?

Recently, I was asked how my Jew-by-choice life was going now seven years since I converted. That’s a great question. Here’s my answer.