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When Bad Things Happen at Walt Disney World

Oh, the ass-hattery of people jealous that for a few days your family’s at Walt Disney World and theirs isn’t.

The Racism of Coronado Springs

At the newly “reimagined” Coronado Springs Resort, Disney took a a resort themed to ancient Mexican cultural motifs and implanted on top of it a giant tower themed to conquering Spain. Colonialism much?

Embracing the Other at Christmas Epcot

Should you ever find Disney World is more tolerant of others than you are, it’s probably time to rethink some of the assumptions you harbor about the world, and especially about yourself.

Why Two Disneyland Vets Loved Five Days in Walt Disney World, After All

Three years ago we hated Walt Disney World. Our 2013 trip was a disaster. So when we returned last month, falling in love with the place we never saw coming.

When Your Feet Wish Upon a Star at Walt Disney World, They’re Wishing for Crocs

A post about footwear and an upcoming trip to Disney World? Every hardcore Disney parks fan knows what’s coming. Fashion be damned. Over the weekend, Ryan and I bought Crocs. And we’re trying to handle it.

Walt Disney World Mulligan

It almost killed us the first time. But armed with the blessing of familiarity, next week we two Disneyland vets are going to give Walt Disney World a second chance.

Tashlich at Disneyland

Jewishly unaffiliated, tomorrow we’ll greet the new year at Disneyland. May you enter 5775 from your own happiest place on earth as well.

Wishing for the Disneyland HoJo at the Grand Californian Hotel

On how our first stay at Disneyland Resort’s flagship Grand Californian Hotel was less than grand.

Why I’m Not Grumpy at Disneyland

A birthday trip to Disneyland Resort reminds me why the Disney grass is always greener in California.

The My Little Pony Theory of Walt Disney World Fandom

On how my May analysis of why Ryan and I didn’t like our trip to Walt Disney World suddenly became the most popular–and controversial–post in eight years of Chicago Carless.