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Anderson Will Be a Jewish Name, Too

Ryan Anderson is not a Jewish name. But next spring, it will be. My partner has entered the home stretch of his longtime Jewish conversion journey.

Ryan Gets His Cat

And then it was time. On the arrival of Lillian, and Ryan as a momma cat.

The Day the DMV Tells You You’re Old

Ryan never expected to feel old just from opening his DMV license renewal letter. The Illinois Secretary of State sure showed him.

The Benefits of Membership

After four years, our membership at the synagogue down the block is expiring for the final time. Here’s why we’re not renewing it.

B’nei Los Angeles

It’s official. Ryan and I have decided to trade the Second City for the second city. Hooray for Hollywood: we’ll be moving to Los Angeles.

Shabbos Mice: Ryan’s 40th Birthday Disneyland Trip Report

An epic post about dragging my partner to Disneyland for his 40th birthday–and watching him fall in love with the place in spite of himself.

Louisville, No the Other One

This month, my relationship with Ryan becomes my longest ever. And so much for being Chicago Carless. Try as we might, it’s a love we can’t stop re-living from the front two seats of a car.