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Just Shoot You

I don’t think Trump was an accident. I think we got exactly what we wanted–and deserved.

Living in Un-Trump Tower

Everybody is different, yet everybody is the same. Is the most politically dangerous statement in the world.

The Great Unsubscribing

There are better ways to #resist and fight the good fight than living from online petition to online petition.

The Tyranny of #MeToo

Anyone who thinks the experience of male victims of sexual predation is invalid because we are male victims is welcome to go back in time and have my experiences for me. Because I would prefer to not to have those memories myself.

Las Manos, Brazos, Pies, y Piernas

This year, I didn’t just reconnect with my Hispanic heritage. I also grew my own seatbelt for rapid-fire Caribbean Spanish.

The Blessing For Making Me Hispanic

This summer, I opened the door to my family’s secrets in order to reclaim my heritage. Hi, my name is Michael Doyle, and I’m a Hispanic American.

Guilt City

Citizens of every city complain about something. In Chicago it’s weather. In Los Angeles it’s traffic. In my NYC hometown it’s…everything?

I’m Not a Mac #16–The ADHD Magic of Google Reminders

Time-blocking is the Holy Grail of getting things done. Why do Apple’s iOS apps make it hard to do? Especially when Google’s iOS apps make it really easy.

Manchester Otherwise Love

Now Manchester. While we pause and pray, let’s be clear what gets us here–and how to stop coming ’round again.

On the Road(s)

If you really want to hate Robert Moses, try explaining to your partner the maddening muddle that is the New York metropolitan area’s regional roadway system.