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A Downtown Chicago Thanksgiving

It’s official. I’ve morphed into Betty Crocker. During dire financial straits in 2004, I became a home cook. This Thanksgiving, I put my newfound kitchen skills to the test.

Meet the Parents

Today, Yours Truly leaves with Devyn for three days in Sacramento, CA. He’s going to visit his parents. I’m going to meet them for the first time. Wish me luck.

Finding Love on Fullerton

I can’t believe it actually happened. Like something out of a movie, I accidentally met the man of my dreams on a street corner. And little did we know, besides dreaming about each other, we had been emailing each other on and off for a year.

How to Keep a Boyfriend Happy

The way to a man’s heart is most assuredly through his stomach and let no one steer you wrong about this. Our grandmothers knew what they were talking about when they passed on this failsafe gem. All you need is a game plan. Here’s mine.