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Could my biggest problem be thinking that there’s something wrong with everything not being perfect? Nine months of my Jewish conversion journey didn’t get me any closer to things being perfect–but got me a lot closer to things being right.

I, Akeelah

So. My blog–and I–have joyed out lately. Not to mention Jewed out, compassioned out, and otherwise jumped for happy. And the lesson for me in all of that? That I don’t need to apologize for one sickeningly lovely moment of what, as it turns out, is the time of my life.

Turning and the Teruah of Time

In the grand scheme of things, September 11th is just a day. Yet a day can capture eternity. The days since my 40th birthday have been among the most amazing of my life. I’m finally honoring the past to move forward. And I can’t think of a better time to mark the turning point in my journey.

Cat and a Drop Dead Proof

When Overly Frank adopted olderly Ryza from PAWS Chicago earlier this month, the cuddly interaction between Oklahoma expat and 11-year-old feline made me realize how much I’d been taking my own lifelong companion for granted. His life, that is.

Eraserhead and the Vulcan of Loneliness

I sat there and felt like I was a cartoon character and he was an unhappy artist with a big, fat eraser, just rubbing me out, swipe by swipe. It’s one thing to think you’re only up against up against your own demons. It’s something else entirely to be told by the guy you loved that he’s made a decision to be alone for good.

Tasmanian Michael Goes to Bermuda

An old 12-step adage says no matter how willingly you’re off the wagon, sometimes recovery comes and finds you. One day you’re sitting there in your living room wrapped around your addiction of choice when you hear a knock at the door. You peer through the peephole and there’s no one there. But you could have sworn…

One Foot in Front of the Other

One step, two step, 12-step. I can grouse and complain, but denial will get me nowhere, especially when the river I’m walking across is in Chicago. Over the Wabash Bridge I go to my coffee-office this morning, mulling what room I’ll be sitting in later this afternoon, and why.

The Circle of Life

Ever feel like life is walking you around in circles? Yeah, me too, especially lately. Then again, maybe it’s just me who keeps walking around in circles. Here’s a video demonstration of exactly what I mean…

25 Other Things

Recently on Facebook I was tagged with that overly persistent 25 Things meme. What could I write about myself that I haven’t already shared on the blog? About 25 other things, as it turns out.

Dear John C. Letter

Dear John C., you helped save our lives, but in the end we couldn’t help you save yours. Late last night, I got the news. They say you called 911 so that your family wouldn’t have to find you with the gun still in your hand.