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The Amidah Project: Kol Nidre

To experience the t’shuvah of Kol Nidre, who really cares about the legal basis for Judaism’s most famous High Holy Day chant?

Amidah Project: Everything Is Holy

I find it hard to look at human suffering and see no-suffering. I find it hard to look at human faces and see no-faces. It’s not that, deep down, I feel we have any independent existence from God. It’s that I think we’re not supposed to see it that way.

Become a Jew in 28 Easy Books: My Conversion Reading List

Study is a central part of every decision to join the Jewish people. How central? How about 7,000 pages? Here is a list of the 28 books I read during the nine months of my conversion journey to become a Reform Jew.

Buzzle the Wuzzle

‘Most of all, please make it fit for young readers. My sister has standards, I beg that you meet hers. Under no circumstance unveil the puzzle. The item I sought to buy? Call it…the wuzzle.’

My New Huffington Post Chicago Byline

Last month, Huffington Post’s Chicago editor asked me to be a part of the widely read political news and blogging site’s local debut by joining their invitation-only stable of bloggers. Instead of yes, I believe my answer was, ‘How high?’

Fear of Falling

Walking out my front door and into the remains of a bank robbery this evening brought to mind the absurdity of life. Never knowing where it’ll take you, it’s always best to be prepared for any eventuality. Like hearing the tornado sirens go off. Or wondering what happened to your parachute. Or finally finding out you’re a talented writer, for that matter.

Reading My Way into Why

I’m reading my way through Jack Kerouac, his Beat contemporaries, and other authors who had something to say about unexpected journeys through life. I’m trying to get a handle on mine. I’d love to figure out how I ended up a Chicagoan.