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Box of Fear

Exactly when I decided to leave New York has always been one of the biggest mysteries of my life. To this day, I still can’t identify the moment when I made or was set upon by the decision to leave behind Gotham and all of its angst and adopt the relentlessly friendly American Midwest as my home. However, a recent encounter on the roofdeck at Marina City chiseled into sharp relief for me one of the biggest reasons why I did it.

Waiting for Portugal

One of the things I miss the most about New York City is the palpable presence of a Portuguese community. If Chicago had just one Portuguese restaurant my life would be a lot easier. I certainly never expected to meet the editor of a prominent Portuguese newspaper at a Greektown reception.

Reflecting on Marina City

This post covers everything you always wanted to know about Marina City but didn’t know whom to ask. Irrespective of the scandals that have plagued Chicago’s favorite high0rise corncobs, Marina City still represents a stunning achievement in mid-century architectural design and urban planning. Here are links to the best information sources available on the iconic buildings.

Finding Love on Fullerton

I can’t believe it actually happened. Like something out of a movie, I accidentally met the man of my dreams on a street corner. And little did we know, besides dreaming about each other, we had been emailing each other on and off for a year.