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The Best of Chicago Carless

After three years and more than 300 posts, CHICAGO CARLESS has attracted a faithful audience–and one that I much appreciate. That readership has grown larger since I relaunched the overhauled blog a few weeks ago, so I’d like to welcome you all back to my humble Internet abode by telling you about my new Best Of category where I’ve grouped the posts I think best reflect what I and my blog are all about.

Third Time’s the Charm

This entry marks the (belated) third anniversary of CHICAGO CARLESS. As is obvious, year four is getting started with a lot of changes. The most obvious are the totally re-designed layout and features of the blog. But they’re only reflections of the most important change of all: my renewed outlook on my life and the world around me. Something had to give. After 37 years, what ultimately gave was me.