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Big Gay Guest Shot: My Interview on “Feast of Fools”

Today, I’m the featured guest on Chicago’s homegrown Feast of Fools podcast, the most popular LGBT-themed daily talk show on the planet. Wonder twin powers, activate! Form of: a giddy gay blogger!

Brick Head

Sometimes I need a brick to the head to get the message. Starting to date a native son of Chicago last month showed both of us how apparent that is. I suppose some internal barriers, like some waiting periods, were meant to be broken.

How to Be Batshit Bonkers Like Blagojevich

You could use the same words to describe a lot of politicians, especially in this Land of Lincoln we’ve got going here. But I’m pretty sure Rod Blagojevich is batshit bonkers. Here are the rules to follow for other willing politicos to bring out their own inner, batshit Blagos.

BREAKING: Ron Huberman Finally Comes Out of the Closet

As all of Boystown–and all of Chicago media, for that matter–already knows, former Chicago Transit Authority President Ron Huberman is a proud gay man. Today, however, for the first time, that fact was reported in citywide media.

The Furious Kvetch at Benyamin Bissell

I made eye contact with Benyamin as we entered the happily uncrowded, low-top tabled back room. A smiling Middle Eastern man with a one-word nametag, I knew immediately the Bissell in his hand spelled trouble.

Buzzle the Wuzzle

‘Most of all, please make it fit for young readers. My sister has standards, I beg that you meet hers. Under no circumstance unveil the puzzle. The item I sought to buy? Call it…the wuzzle.’

Speed Queens

When Cincinnati Jamie pulled up in front of the Hilton one evening in October with a spent Austrian airline pilot in the passenger seat, I tried to be demure. As he got out of the car, I told Herr Pilot, ‘When I blog about this, I promise only to refer to you as number three.’ Jamie’s response? ‘He didn’t know there was already a number one and two.’

Clout Gate

Clout Gate. I’m coining the term here and now. I can’t think of any better reason than clout to explain why an Illinois governor elected on an anti-corruption platform and ending up under long-term federal investigation would think he could get away with disgraceful deeds the likes of which got Rod Blagojevich arrested in his jogging suit by the F.B.I. on Tuesday morning.

Chicago Public Radio, Cliff Kelley Show Cover CTA Homeless Crackdown

‘They should take those signs down and find a way to take care of people, not punish people. These are people who are cold, these are people who are poor, these are people who are suffering already. Why slap them in the face?’

Rime of the Pimp Dentist

So Gary Kimmel was finally sentenced to prison today. And Marina City’s just fine without him. Here’s a wrap-up of the pimp-dentist story in prose…and limerick.