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I’m Not a Mac #16–The ADHD Magic of Google Reminders

Time-blocking is the Holy Grail of getting things done. Why do Apple’s iOS apps make it hard to do? Especially when Google’s iOS apps make it really easy.

Burned by the ADHD Back Burner

ADHDers like me live in the now. It’s not that we don’t like to plan ahead. It’s just that when we put things on the back burner, we tend to forget about them until they boil over. And then it’s time to reach for the kitchen wipes…

ADHD and the Art of Being Dumped

Breaking up is usually hard to do. But for Adult ADHDers, the curtain comes down on love so frequently that we often spend an entire relationship just wondering when it will end. Sometimes we ADHDers need to offer ourselves the same understanding we ask of others.

The ADHDeer-in-Headlights Syndrome

Sometimes an ADHDer takes a look at the responsibilities, tasks, and to-do items on their plate and freezes like a deer in oncoming headlights. When you have a brain that’s hard-wired to help you remember past failure, the hardest thing in the world can be taking a single step forward.

My Communicamp Experience: Why Open Conferences Are Danger Zones for ADHDers

Today, I walked out of Community Media Workshop’s Communicamp open conference. It wasn’t for lack of wanting to stay in my seat and spend the day with the cognescenti of the Windy City’s media and blogging worlds. But how do you remain at an event where the rules of the road seem almost aimed at making someone with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder–like me–feel as out of place as possible?


‘Don’t worry, I’ve done this before and they almost always call,’ said Nick, announcing his decision to leave his number for our waitress. Overly Frank and I were less than eager to witness the passive-aggressive, likely-to-go-down-in-flames example of heterosexual courtship.

Attention Deficit Déjà Vu

It’s not so much paying attention that’s the problem for us ADDers. The real impossible dream tends to be stopping ourselves form paying attention to less important tasks so we can focus on issues that really count.

Cat and a Drop Dead Proof

When Overly Frank adopted olderly Ryza from PAWS Chicago earlier this month, the cuddly interaction between Oklahoma expat and 11-year-old feline made me realize how much I’d been taking my own lifelong companion for granted. His life, that is.

Big Gay Guest Shot: My Interview on “Feast of Fools”

Today, I’m the featured guest on Chicago’s homegrown Feast of Fools podcast, the most popular LGBT-themed daily talk show on the planet. Wonder twin powers, activate! Form of: a giddy gay blogger!