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Museum of Broadcast Communications on Hiatus

Chicago’s Museum of Broadcast Communications (MBC) just can’t seem to get built. Founded in 1987 and one of only three broadcast museums in the country, MBC left its longtime home at the Chicago Cultural Center in 2003 in preparation for moving into swanky new digs next to Marina City. And then the construction funding problems started.

Vince Vaughn Closes Access to Loop in 8-Degree Weather

Just how far is the City of Chicago willing to sell itself out to movie filming? A closed street here and there to accommodate a movie shoot is one thing. Allowing a studio to close almost every single bridge between the Loop and the Near North Side on a Friday evening is something else entirely. Thanks, Mayor Daley–and Vince Vaughn, too.

I Survived the Gay Games VII Opening Ceremony

If the Gay Games VII organizers hadn’t refrained from taking a pig-blood stained bow after Saturday night’s disastrous opening ceremony, I would have sworn I was back sitting in the last row of the ill-fated Carrie: The Musical, Broadway’s most infamous flop. Bad choreography, poor staging, cheap costumes, and an urge to take things too seriously plagued both alleged entertainments. But at least with Carrie, I got to leave before my butt fell asleep, in less than the four hours it took for the slow-motion car wreck of the opening ceremony to finish crashing.