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On My 21st Chicagoversary, I No Longer Have Faith in Chicago

Progressive mayoral tantrums trying to class-shame people to stay just remind Chicagoans who’ve decided to leave why they’re leaving.

A Republican Jew on Passover

A friend used to say neither party was truly on the side of actual Americans. But after 10/7, Republicans didn’t come for the Jews. Democrats did.

A Jew with Corrective Lenses

I’m a Jew who never expected my identity, worldview, and politics to suddenly shift in the course of a single, awful day. And I know I’m not alone.

Donald Trump Is So Dumb. (How Dumb Is He?)

Yes, we’d all love Donald Trump, the president, to be presidential. But Donald Trump, the human being, is a bullying, ignorant child.

Mark Lilla’s Care and Feeding of the White Man

Why you shouldn’t believe Mark Lilla’s axe-grinding screed against the politics of civil rights.

Would Obama Give an Address on Terrorism on Christmas Eve?

A presidential address on terrorism would never happen on Christmas Eve. So why did one happen in the middle of the first evening of Chanukah?

Life and Death at the Morality Buffet

Either civilian casualties are immoral or they aren’t. On the ongoing terror wave in Israel and the value of all innocent civilian lives.

Daley Off the Rails on O’Hare Fast-Train Idea?

Now that Daley is a lame-duck mayor, should he be proposing an expensive maglev rail link to O’Hare–especially since his last airport-train idea cost $300 million, ruined a Loop ‘L’ station, and still failed?

The Hypocrisy of Gays Chanting at Churchgoers

Last weekend, LGBT activists crashed Valentine’s Day services at Holy Name Cathedral to protest Rome’s stance on gay marriage. Is it right to demand religious tolerance by disrupting someone else’s right to worship? And why do my fellow queers care so much about a single religion’s definition of God anyway?

In Defense of CTA “Doomsday”

Today, at long last, comes the day Chicagoans have dreaded in one guise or another since the bad old era of the Blagojevich regime: CTA ‘Doomsday’. You might be surprised to learn I welcome it with open arms. Here’s why.