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Black Faces Matter: Real Chicagoans on The 606

On casual racism, the Trust for Public Land, and the real picture of Chicago on The 606.

Where Are the Black People in Ads for Chicago’s New Park, “The 606”?

“The 606” opened to fanfare in June on Chicago’s multi-racial Northwest Side. But where are the black faces in the new park’s marketing campaign? And was their omission deliberate?

Hello “Nature Boardwalk,” So Long South Pond Swan Boats

The Lincoln Park Zoo has rehabbed the park’s South Pond into a spiffy new Nature Boardwalk. But now that the pond’s former shabbiness is gone, so are the paddle boats that plied its waters for more then a century. It’s a piece of the rehab project zoo planners haven’t mentioned much in the past two years.

A Cautionary Tale Told in Feet

There are many ways to enjoy an open-air concert date in Grant Park. Spending two hours trying to avoid being eaten by a surprise third wheel’s life-threatening lizard feet is not one of them.