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Marina City Parting Gift: A(nother) Flood to Remember (VIDEO)

Yesterday I thought I shared my last thoughts on Marina City. But today, Chicago’s infamously flood-prone corncobs decided to have one more watery word.

The End of Marina City

In 2005 this blog began with the subtitle, ‘The life and times of a former New Yorker living in downtown Chicago.’ I’ve almost left downtown twice since then. At the end of this month, I finally will. I’m heading to Edgewater–and realizing more than just my address is moving on.

Reprising the Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

I am officially a big, fat hypocrite. A big, fat hypocrite who’s moving back home…to Marina City.

The Homing Pigeon of State Street

Two months ago I moved out of Marina City to head for a quieter life beyond downtown. But there’s something to be said for living at the center of it all. I’m learning the grass isn’t any greener outside the Loop–and the roaches sure do put up a fight.

Marina City Hamstrung

Readers frequently ask me, ‘Should I move to Marina City?’ Given my experience here, no, in my opinion I really don’t think they should. Not unless a.) you think nothing I’ve ever written about the place is true, or b.) you’re a masochist.

When the Wind Blows (at Marina City)

Friends rarely believe me when I tell them about the grandmother on a rocking chair who lives in the walls at Marina City. At least, that’s who it sounds like inhabits the cast-in-place concrete of my high-rise corncob home every time a stiff wind blows through downtown Chicago. Here’s proof.

Marina City to Owners: Ask and We Shall Fine

There are two ways to brand and position a world-famous residential tower: the right way; and the way downtown Chicago’s Marina City condo board is planning to go about it. Four words for Marina Citizens: don’t ask; don’t tell. Really?

Should I Move to Marina City?

‘Tell me the truth: should I move to Marina City?’ If there’s one question I hear more than any other, it’s that one. Over the past year, Chicago Carless has become a go-to site for information about life here at the corncobs–in all its sometimes glorious and sometimes gory details. So I’ve put together this look at the pros and cons of living here so you can decide for yourself.