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Elevator Lobby Flowers #3: The Power of Levitation

Some readers have wondered about the reason for these weekly flower posts. The short of the story is a condominium association at Marina City that appears to be of the opinion that it’s doing residents a favor by allowing a volunteer floral terrorist-cum-arranger to plop awful, phoney flower arrangements in our main elevator lobbies every week. Like these.

Tower Dour Flower Power: Marina City’s Elevator Lobby Flowers #1

For the better part of a year the elevator lobbies in both Marina City towers have been graced with officially sanctioned rotating floral displays. Lucky for us Marina Citizens, to keep costs down, instead of using the services of a floral designer, or of an actual flower for that matter, these budget bouquets are created in-house by Marina City’s stealthy florist, let’s call them Deep Stem, using plastic parts in place of pistils and petals.